10 March 2003

The persons in my life

I think I need to explain the people in my life.. Y'all might get a better idea of me and the stuff I think of, and am about...

First off, I'll start with my roomies, since they're probably one of my more major reasons to post..

Rob, a.k.a. PDC: Male roomie, best word for him is charismatic.. people tend to follow him. there is now a whole entry about him.

Tiffany: Little sister of a friend. works with me. also known as tiffers.

Lucky: Sweet gal, also a sister of a friend. She hasn't been around long, and hopefully she'll stick around for a while.

Our friends up here (that I'm likely to talk about) are:

Chris: Rob's roomie when I met them.. very nice guy, comp sci major, puts up with me..

Rob, aka: Spartacus, OtherRob: Chris' current roomie.. fun guy, likes kareoke, doesn't mind me being stupid at him.. very sarcastic.

Other random friends I may mention:

Logan: Female ex roomie, a lot like me in many ways... very much not like me in many others.

Moonie: Rob's (roomie) aunt.. sorta. I love Moon, she's a real sweety.. She's sorta like a 3rd mother.

Katharina, aka Rina, K: my 3rd sister, exchange student from germany that my family had when I was a junior in high school, yet another very sweet person.

Pyro: a non-mentioned mention person, that I talk to lots.

Xcalibur: my favorite webmonkey

Chris: I've mentioned him when I went to atlanta for Jump.. He's been a friend since I got him hooked on "Buffy.."

And then there's my family.. my mom, my dad, my two sisters.. not much to say, except I get along with most of them.. my mother upsets me sometimes, but I generally get over it.. My oldest sis has two daughters, and I love my nieces, my other sis lives in DC, and is a joy to hang out with.